Learn how to REIGNITE your finances, business, career and relationships.

REIGNITE Weekend delivers change that lasts. Our high-impact processes have helped more than 1.5 million people from 104 countries break through blocks that keep success out of reach. Then we provide the real-life tools customized for your personal roadmap to getting results - so that you can live the life you choose.

You’re invited to attend REIGNITE - a weekend event where you’ll learn – right there, right then – to fan the flames of personal success into an inferno



You should attend if
you are ready to get honest with yourself about what you are good at and how you can be most successful at it. you have the desire to break free from the limitations in your life right now. you've already found success, but became complacent or comfortable with where you're at. you want to be able to navigate through the future uncertainties in your life.


Tamia Dow

I am learning amazing life and business skills that I am using to provide a greater impact and service to the world!

-Tamia Dow


At REIGNITE, I learned things that are profound and eye-opening.Thank you for your time.

-Lindsey Nguyen


I’ve attended about a dozen of your programs, each amazingly experiential in its own way. Reignite is yet another winner-thank you!

-Rose Sheehan
Rose Sheehan


David Hibbs

It never ceases to amaze me the energy and enthusiasm generated at a Peaks event! Hands down, New Peaks is the best.

-David Hibbs


Words can’t explain how I feel about New Peaks. I am grateful beyond my words. Can’t wait to continue the education with you!

-Karolina Rewucki

The objective of the event is for you to leave reassured, re-inspired, and REIGNITED!

Best of all, after the event you'll be able to keep your newfound passion alive by connecting with a like-minded support network - the other attendees.

Past Success is exactly that – in the past – but don’t you feel you have more?

I’ll bet you’ve notched up some ‘wins’ – maybe some big ones – but these are not things to rest on – they are things to BUILD ON. Your past successes – even your past less-than-triumphant attempts - are NOT the measure of your ability so much as they are indications of how much more you are capable of.

At the REIGNITE! Weekend event you'll identify the areas of your life where you've settled for less and learn to climb to the next level.


Sharing this experience has a multiplied symbiotic effect – meaning that the more you surround yourself with people who receive the same training, the more everyone benefits.

Adam urges you to think who among your family, friends and colleagues also deserves this opportunity to Reignite their lives and create a powerful mutual support network?


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